5 Ways to Fit Your Scrubs Online

Ordering clothing online can be difficult sometimes when you’re not exactly sure how it’ll fit. The same goes for medical scrubs! Even with a sizing chart, you may need a little bit of help. So without further adieu, here are five ways you can fit your scrubs online!

Measure Your Waist

To fit your scrubs online, start off by measuring your waist! This will help you determine what size bottoms you need, and whether you need to go up a size, down a size, or stay with the same size you’ve been wearing!

Know Your Pants Size

Know your pants size! It’ll really help you out, as some sizing charts compare pants size to their size of clothing.

Measure Your Bust

Do you know your bust size? Scrubs can sometimes feel restricting if they don’t fit correctly, so knowing your bust size is important. It may also help you navigate your way around sizing charts!

How Tall Are You?

Knowing your height is also important! If you’re taller, you may need a longer pant leg (and you can certainly customize your inseam length before you check out). There’s nothing worse than high water scrubs!

Customize Your Order

At Blue Sky Co., you’re always able to customize your order! You can alter things like inseam length, pocket placement, stitching, style, and more! So if you need a longer set of pants, or prefer our beautiful white designer stitching, we’ve got your back.

Blue Sky Co. is committed to providing you with the finest scrubs on the market! Our scrubs are soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable, too! They’re also wrinkle free and fade-resistant, and will last you a long time. To view our modern, stunning collection, just log online today to our website!