5 Ways to Accessorize Your Work Uniform

Are you into accessorizing your medical scrubs outfits? Well, here at Blue Sky Co., so are we! And we have five great tips for accessorizing your scrubwear. From scrub caps to lanyards, we have it all! So stay tuned, and get ready to spruce up your work wardrobe!

Lab Coats

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have the most luxurious lab coats on the market! Our Bradford and Preston lab coats will blow you straight out of the water. Both of them are made of 100% cotton twill and are unbelievably soft.

Scrub Caps

Our scrub caps are definitely something to brag about! Made from the softest of fabrics and available in a wide assortment of shades and patterns, both our men and women’s scrub caps make excellent accessories to your work wardrobe!


If your workplace is a bit on the chilly side, but you don’t want sleeves to get in your way, try out a Blue Sky vest! Our Kensington softshell vest is a classic, and definitely a necessity to your wardrobe. It’ll keep you warm all shift long, and everything will stay out of your way. Not to mention, it looks great layered over your scrubs!

Softshell Jackets

Now if your workplace is really cold, you may need a Blue Sky softshell jacket. Men, try out the Hunter softshell jacket and just try to tell us that you don’t love it. Just kidding! But we do hope that it suits your fancy.


Finally, we have lanyards. They’re not just for holding your keys or name tag, you know! They’re also for spicing up your work wardrobe. We have plenty of different designs and colors, so you can coordinate them with your scrub outfit! Enjoy!

And there you have it, friends! Five great ways to accessorize and spruce up your medical uniform! We hope we’ve at least sparked your creativity when it comes to medical scrubs! And as always, Blue Sky Co. is here for you.