5 Ways to Accessorize Your Medical Scrubs by blue sky scrubs of Austin Texas

It’s easy to escape that occasional dull feeling you get from wearing the same outfit every single day: accessorize! At Blue Sky Co., we take you a step in the right direction with our accessories for your medical scrubs, and you’ll love what we have to offer! Below you’ll find five ways to accessorize your scrubwear, making the process even easier on you! Enjoy!

Lanyards with Matching Earrings

At Blue Sky Co., you’ll find gorgeous lanyards with the perfect earrings to match! You’ll look stunning in this collection, and your patients will love it, too!

Scrub Caps and Beautiful Patterns

Our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps are out of this world, especially in the multitude of patterns and colors we provide! Go for solids, or florals, or whatever you feel like on that particular day! Show off your personal style.

The Perfect Nursing Shoes

In a world of generic blue scrubs, you can show off a lot of your personality with your shoes! Find the perfect pair: a pair that’s comfortable, durable, and trendy (like runner’s shoes!) and show them off!

Comfortable Jackets and Vests

You’ve never been more comfortable until you’ve slid inside one of our jackets or vests, both lined with comfy fleece and made to resist wind and rain. So stay warm on the way into work, or during your shift.

Luxurious Lab Coats

Your lab coat says a lot about you: it deems you professional. Our luxuriously white lab coats are definitely something to talk about! Modernize your wardrobe with one of the magnificent coats, whether it be the Bradford Twill, or the Preston.

And there you have it, friends! 5 ways to accessorize your medical scrubs. So get out there and look great in our line of fabulous, long-lasting medical scrubwear!