5 Tools For Your Scrub Pockets- Best Scrubs

Now that we’ve gone over Blue Sky’s pockets and all of the space they have to offer, let’s get ready to fill them! We’re going to cover five gadgets that are great to keep on you, if possible. Have fun making great use of all of that pocket space on your Blue Sky scrubs!

Stain Stick

Accidents and spills happen all the time, especially at lunch! We can’t do much to keep them from happening, so when they do strike, strike back with a stain stick! They’re small enough to keep in your pockets and certainly very handy.


Never go anywhere without your stethoscope! If you don’t like wearing your stethoscope around your neck, stick it in your pocket! There’s plenty of space for it, and it’ll be way out of your way.


Pockets are great for holding keys if you don’t have a lanyard. They also won’t jingle as much when stuffed inside your pocket, as opposed to hanging freely on a lanyard. So if you don’t feel safe leaving them in your locker, place them in your pants pocket or your chest utility pocket.


Pockets also hold thermometers really well. If you have to keep yours on you, your pockets are a perfect space to store it!


Blue Sky scrubs have a secret inner pocket that’s perfect for storing jewelry while you’re on the clock. Wedding rings, watches, charm bracelets- whatever it may be, it will certainly stay secure in the secret inner pocket.

Try out Blue Sky scrubs and discover a whole new world of pocket space! Our pockets traditionally have one chest utility pocket, one inner secret pocket, and two pockets on the pants. If you layer your medical attire with a vest or lab coat, you can double your pocket space! There’s plenty of room for your gadgets and gizmos inside Blue Sky scrub pockets!