5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Scrubs

Maybe you’ve finally found that set of Blue Sky scrubs that completely rocks your socks! Maybe you want to wear them everywhere- they’re that comfortable, and you want them to last forever. Unfortunately very few things last forever, but we can still help your scrubs last as long as possible! With these five great tips and tricks, you can easily get the most out of your  scrub uniform!

#1 Pre-Wash Your  New Blue Sky Scrubs

Pre-washing isn’t a useless tactic! It helps your scrubs’ colors to set in and stay in. It also sanitizes them before use. Just add half a cup of white vinegar to the load, and set the load to have a little extra water (for your scrubs to move around), and you’re good to go!

#2 Start with Quality Scrubwear

Start off on the right foot with a  set of scrubs that are made to last. Scrubs from Blue Sky Co., are exactly this, and so much more. Our scrubs are lightweight, and wrinkle and fade-resistant! They’re made to last, and fit you to the T!

#3 Avoid Harsh Chemicals when Cleaning Stains

Try to avoid harsh chemicals (like bleach) when removing stains from your medical scrubs. Instead, you can often use mild detergents, or white vinegar. White vinegar is completely safe for the environment!

#4 Use Your Hot Iron

It’s not the most fun chore, but it is helpful. That’s right- we’re asking you to break out the hot iron for your medical scrubs. Doing so keeps them looking fresh and crisp!

#5 Only Wear Your Scrubs at Work

Save the wear and tear on your scrubs for when you’re on the clock. Try not to wear them for chores around the house, or bathing the dog at home… unless of course you’ve already retired the scrubs!