5 Tips for Nursing School Students

By now, you may be well into your semester of nursing school, and you may be growing a bit stressed. It doesn’t take a genius to see why you could be feeling that way. But we’re here to help! Here are five expert tips on getting through nursing school- and rocking it.

Find a Great Study Group

Finding a solid study group will help you get through your toughest times. These people won’t just be the people you read with; they’ll become your best friends (hopefully). They’ll become the people you laugh and cry with! Having solid support through nursing school can make all the difference.

Get Enough Exercise

Incorporate exercise into your study routine! Not only is exercise proven to reduce stress and anxiety, but it also helps you retain the information you’re studying! And it boosts your mood and energy levels. Win win, right?

Eat Well

Obviously, your body is going to need to be fueled- and fueled frequently. After all, your job is a marathon, not a sprint! Eat foods full of carbs and protein to keep your energy up! Keep extra snacks in your locker if you can, or tucked away in your purse.

What Helps You Focus?

Figure out what helps you focus. This is something we should all do, whether we’re in nursing school or not. If it’s exercise, know that you should exercise before studying. If it’s a certain favorite snack, keep it close by.

Wear Comfy, Quality Scrubs

Obviously, working in comfortable scrubs puts us in a better, more productive mood. Ill-fitting scrubs are aggravating and uncomfortable. Find a pair of scrubs that suits you best and get a cute scrub cap while your shopping. 

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