5 Tips for Keeping Your Energy Up in Nursing School

Nursing school is tiresome and packed with exhausting, difficult work. To keep your energy up, try following these five guidelines! We hope they help you stay awake and alert all throughout your shift!

Wear the Appropriate Shoes

Your comfort has a lot to do with how energized you feel! Ill-fitting shoes cause back, foot, leg, and knee aches. They’re terribly unhealthy for you. So start off by making sure you’re wearing the appropriate nursing shoes.

Wear Comfortable Scrubs

After you’ve found the right shoes, make sure you’re wearing comfortable and form-fitting scrubs! You can find these scrubs at Blue Sky Co.; no matter your body type, we have a set of scrubs that can fit you. From our Classic Shelby scrubs to our comfortable, stretchy Technical scrubs and petite-fitting Grey Label scrubs, we’re bound to find something to fit you comfortably.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Bring snacks with you to work that are packed with carbs and protein; these will certainly help keep your energy up. Snacks like peanut butter, trail mix, granola, etc are healthy and energizing!

Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated! Carry a water bottle with you, keep it in your locker, or take water breaks whenever your schedule allows. Just like snacking throughout your shift, it’s important to drink a much water as possible.

Rest While You Can

It’s highly important that you get the right amount of sleep each night. And rest while you can, even if that means taking a nap between shifts! No matter how much caffeine we consume, we can never replace quality sleep.

No really… follow these guidelines and you’ll feel much better and more energized throughout your shift. And as always, you can find comfortable, durable, luxurious medical scrubs and accessories online at our website. We encourage you to check out our amazing collection of scrubwear; you’re bound to find something you love! To compliment your scrubs try on of our luxury scrub caps