5 Lanyards You Won't Want to Miss

Lanyards are perfect for holding our keys, name tags, and personal danglings we might want to add! At Blue Sky Co., we carry a wide variety of lanyards (with- guess what- matching earrings!) to help you keep track of your things, and we’d like to show them off! Here are five differently styled lanyards that you simply won’t want to miss.

Pretty in Blue: Beachside

Blue Sky Co.’s Beachside lanyard reminds you just of what its name suggests: the beachside. This lanyard mixes colors like blues and yellows to create a sunny, beautiful scenery that will have you feeling relaxed and at home.

Soft Lavender: Lavender Lilies

This soft-toned Lavender Lilies lanyard features beautiful pinks and purples that will accent and beautify any color scrubwear. Pair it with a set of lavender or light pink scrubs and you’ll be all set!

Crazy for Colors: Circus

Our Circus lanyard is great for those who want to show off a little color and spirit! Your patients will love this lanyard, and its matching earrings if you choose the full set!

A Simple Black and White: Serengeti

The Serengeti lanyard matches just about anything- that’s what’s so great about the simplicity of black and white! Its black and white stripes may remind you of a zebra- we know it does, to us!

Neutral Browns: Capetown

This lanyard, Capetown features stripes of beautiful dark mocha and earthen brown! It’s a great neutral lanyard that will go with many colors, from blues, to pinks, to greens.

As you can see, Blue Sky Co. is about more than just medical scrubs. We carry an extensive line of accessories, too, including lanyards and matching earrings! We hope you fell in love with these lanyards- just like we did!