5 Great Uses for Worn Out Blue Sky Scrubs

We know you love your Blue Sky scrubs so much that it nearly hurts to retire them. So if you’re thinking of tossing that scrub set out, think again! We’ve come up with five new uses for old scrubs- just for you!

Washing the Car

There’s no need to get grease and dirt all over your street clothes! When it’s time to wash the car, just dawn a pair of your old scrubs and get to, well, scrubbing. Without the worry of staining your favorite jeans!

Giving Fido a Bath

Dogs are messy- that’s no secret. Even if Fido is extremely well-mannered, when it’s bath time, we often get soap, water, and dirt all over our clothing. We can prevent this by wearing a pair of old scrubs; it works perfectly! When you’re finished, just toss them in the wash as you normally would!

Mowing the Lawn

Grass stains are the worst. But we can easily avoid them by letting our scrubs take the heat! It doesn't matter if they get stained; you won’t be wearing them back to work (we hope).

Lounging Around

Worn out scrubs are great for lounging around the house in. Especially Blue Sky scrubs; they’re so comfortable you want to wear them after work. And well-worn scrubs only grow more comfortable with age.


Yes! Scrubs make great pajamas! This is especially true if your scrubs are from us, Blue Sky Co. Our scrubs are so luxuriously soft that you’ll want to cozy up inside them and head off to slumber.

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