5 Great Tips for Washing Your Scrubs

Following good care instructions will help  your scrubs last much longer, and keep them in great condition while you’re wearing them! So in addition to the instructions on the inside label to your scrubs, follow these five tips, and you’ll be on your way to scrub-success!

Follow Instructions on Washing Labels

Your scrubs should save you a lot of time and trouble by telling you how to care for them. Follow the instructions on your scrubs’ washing label, and watch out for phrases like cold water only, or tumble dry low.

Wash Scrubs Together

Simply wash your  womens scrubs with your scrubs and other scrub accessories! It sounds all too easy, but is highly important for sanitary reasons! You definitely don’t want all of that “hospital gunk,” mixing in with your street clothes.

Add Extra Water to the Load

Adding extra water to the machine load helps your scrubs move around easier, and gives them more space to rinse. Abrasion is less likely to occur, helping your  nurse scrubs to last much longer.

Store a Stain Removal Pen in Your Locker

We’re sure you’re the DIY master at removing stains on the go, but just in case you aren’t, store a stain removal pen in your locker for rough and messy days. After all, hydrogen peroxide can only go so far sometimes!

Use a Hot Iron Every Once in Awhile

Using the hot iron from time to time will help your colorful scrubs to stay vibrant, and all of your scrubs to stay crisp and professional-looking. You’ll look sleek and sharp, and keep your scrubs around longer. We know you’re busy, but try to incorporate ironing into your normal laundry routine!

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