5 Great Holiday Gifts for Hardworking Surgical Scrubs Nurses

Do you have a favorite nurse around the hospital? Don’t they deserve the absolute best gift this year? We think so! Below are five great gift ideas for the hardworking nurse in your life! We hope this list is helpful! And of course, as we love to say: Happy shopping! Check out our surgical scrubs by Blue Sky Scrubs. 

Blue Sky Lanyard

Lanyards make the perfect gift for your favorite nurse. They hold keys, name tags, and more. And a lanyard from Blue Sky Co. makes a beautiful gift! Try out these colorful, cheerful designs: Peppermint,Marquesa, or Lemon Ice.

Earrings to Match

That’s right, our lanyards have matching earrings (sold separately)! If you want to go above and beyond, get your nurse a lanyard with a pair of matching earrings. Check out the earrings that go with the above listed lanyards: Peppermint,Marquesa, and Lemon Ice.

New Scrub Cap

Whether it’s the Poppy, Pixie, Pony, or a scrub cap from our men’s collection, your favorite nurse is bound to love this gift. Our scrub caps are available in so many different shades and patterns, it’s unbelievable!

Shelby or David Surgical Scrubs

Have you noticed that your favorite nurse is wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable surgical scrubs to work? Oops! Maybe it’s time to change their world- or at least their wardrobe. Try gifting them a pair of Classic Shelby or David scrubs; they won’t forget it! These scrubs are so comfortable and quality that they likely won’t wear any other brand after receiving your gift!

Softshell Vest or Jacket

While it’s gift giving season, it’s also the time of year for keeping warm. Whether it’s for the walk into work or for a cold work environment, a softshell vest or jacket from Blue Sky Co. would be a perfect gift!

Blue Sky Co. offers these products and more. Simply visit our website today to discover the most fashionable, modern surgical scrubs- and accessories, too! Purchase for your favorite hardworking nurse, or for yourself! Just log on today.