5 Cleaning Tips for Medical Clothing

In an environment that demands cleanliness and sanitation, it’s important to know how to keep your scrubs in their best condition! Today, we have five handy tips on how to keep your work uniform looking brand new by properly laundering, spot treating, and more.

  1. Only Use Your Scrubs for Work

It can be tempting to wear your scrubs while mowing the lawn, repairing the sink, or cleaning the house. But we recommend using retired scrubs for those tasks, and keeping your work scrubs for only the hospital. This will help them to last longer and prevent more stains/accidents from occurring.

  1. Learn the Ins and Outs of Spot Treatment

Act as quickly as possible to remove stains from your scrubs. You can spot treat with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, ammonia, or vinegar, etc. Always check to make sure you’ve removed the majority of the stain before washing.

  1. Properly Launder Your Scrubs

Scrubs are essentially made for messes, so it’s important to know their specific washing instructions.. Regardless of the size of your scrubs, wash them separately from your other laundry, on the largest setting possible. This will give the scrubs more space to move around. Before drying the load, be sure to double check for remaining stains, as drying them will further embed them into the fabric.

  1. Iron Your Scrubs

Yes, that’s right… people still iron their laundry! If you take the time to iron your scrubs, they’ll not only look more professional and neat when you’re finished, but you’ll also kill any remaining bacteria that might be clinging to the fabric.

  1. Start with High Quality Scrubs

The first step to taking care of your scrubs is to start off on the right foot! Purchase a set of comfortable, durable, high quality scrubs. We recommend checking out our styles and patterns at www.blueskyscrubs.com.