5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Scrubwear

Medical uniforms can become kind of bland if we don’t accessorize them! Luckily at Blue Sky Co., we make it easy to accessorize your scrubs! Just look to us when it comes to sprucing up your outfit; we’ll show you five different ways!

Scrub Caps

Let’s start from the top down.... with scrub caps! Scrub caps are the easiest way to dress up your uniform, that’s for sure. They’re available in many different styles, and dozens of patterns and prints! Get ready to fall in love with our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps. We even have scrub caps for men (and yes- they’re patterned), as well as disposable caps!


Are you in need of something to hold your keys or nametag? Lanyards are great for that- and they accessorize your medical scrub uniform at the same time! View our beautiful lanyards, like Circus, or or Beachside on our website today, and hopefully you’ll find what you’ve been searching for.


Blue Sky Co. also has matching earrings to go with your new lanyard! Imagine how gorgeous you’ll look with a matching set of earrings, and how much your patients will love the outfit! Your coworkers may be a tad bit jealous!

Softshell Vests

Are you feeling a bit chilly in the workplace, or maybe during the walk into work? A softshell vest from Blue Sky Co. may be perfect for you. They add just enough warmth to your uniform without feeling too stifling!

Softshell Jackets

For colder mornings and work environments, you’ll love our softshell jackets. Our jackets are all weatherproof, layered with bonded polyester and microfleece, and are super comfortable! We can’t wait for you to try yours out!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we strive to provide you with the most revolutionary scrubs on the market! To view our entire collection, simply log onto our website today.