3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Scrubs this Fall

It’s a new season, so you’re undoubtedly looking for new ways to accent your medical uniform! Here at Blue Sky Co. we’re happy to offer products- and ideas for sprucing up your scrubs this fall! Here are three different ways you can refresh your medical wardrobe for the new season, and we’re certain you’ll love them!

Find Your Lucky Scrub Cap

Maybe this season you’ll finally find the perfect scrub cap! Our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps for women are all the rage at Blue Sky Co.! And they’re available in so many different colors and patterns- your mind will be blown. For instance, you can show off your spooky spirit with our Halloween caps: Happy Halloween gets you in a frightful mood with a scene of jolly Trick or Treaters. And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Spruce it Up with a Luxe Lanyard

Lanyards aren’t just for holding keys and name tags, you know! They’re perfect for adding a touch of your personal style to your scrub uniform. Try out these cool colors: Circus looks great with just about any scrub color! Its multicolored beads help to spruce up your uniform.

Layer with a Softshell Vest or Jacket

The temperatures are beginning to drop, making it a tad bit chilly in the mornings when we’re walking into work. Or maybe you work in a cold environment! Either way, a softshell jacket or vest is the perfect accessory- and solution. Our vests and jackets are made to fit relaxed, keep you warm, and look stylish on you.

Don’t forget to log onto our website today to view our entire collection of scrubs and accessories for your work uniform! You won’t be disappointed in what you find. We hope this helps you to find the perfect accessory for the season! Happy shopping!