3 Ways to Accessorize Your Medical Wardrobe-Blue Sky Scrubs Austin Texas

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for different ways to accessorize your medical wardrobe, you’ve arrived at the right place. We have several ideas for expressing yourself in your medical scrubs, and changing things up a bit. We’ll start with three of them!

A Striking Scrub Cap

Scrub caps are not only extremely useful, but they’re also an easy way to show off your personality at work! At Blue Sky Co., we have three types of scrub caps: the Poppy, which fits like a bouffant cap, the Pony, which secures your pony tail effortlessly, and the Pixie is perfect for shorter hair. All are available in a wide array of colors and designs. And in addition to these, we offer men’s scrub caps and disposable caps, too!

A Luxurious Lab Coat

Everyone needs a lab coat (and a spare!). At Blue Sky Co., we have lab coats that will amaze you in their design and fit. Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats make great accessories; they’re made from the softest, finest fabrics, and have technology that repels and releases stains. Impressive, right?

A Softshell Jacket

It’s that time of year! Temperatures are dropping and we’re needing extra layers to keep us warm on the way into work. So how about a jacket to accessorize your scrub uniform? Our Chessington jacket is the ultimate warm, but lightweight, jacket. No matter your figure, this jacket is plenty flattering with its sleek silhouette. It’s also wind and water-resistant, so you can stay dry and cozy while walking into work in poor weather!

At Blue Sky Co., our mission is to provide you with not just excellent customer care, but the best scrubwear on the market! But we also want to make sure you have plenty of accessories to choose from, because it’s not all about scrubs!