3 Tips to Keep Your Medical Scrubs in Tip-Top Shape

Our scrubs are everywhere with us at work -- whether you’re a nursing student, an emergency room nurse, a doctor working triage -- you encounter situation after situation that cause them to become dirty. Like, really dirty.

When it comes to cleaning scrubs ensuring that they’re being handled and cared for properly is imperative because trust us – you’re going to be doing it often. And since your scrubs have to be cleaned so often, washing them wrong will drastically reduce their lifetime. So, here are our three most important tips to cleaning your medical scrubs!

#1 Washing

When it comes to actually washing your scrubs, we want to make sure they’re clean without taking a beating from the washing machine (or other clothes). We advise putting like colors together (and never washing your scrubs with your “normal” clothes) and putting them on a gentle cycle with cold water.

If you’d like to take extra care, we always say hand washing is the best option to keeping your scrubs in tiptop shape.

#2 Drying

The best option to protect your scrubs when it comes to drying is to hang them up straight out of the washer. They’ll come out wrinkle-free and won’t take any damage from the heat of the dryer. But, if you’re in a hurry one day you can always tumble-dry them on low -- once won’t hurt ‘em!

#3 Storing

While washing and drying are important, keeping your scrubs in good shape while they’re being stored can be just as vital. We suggest keeping scrubs in their own bags when they’re being carried to and from work to best handle them with care and keep out unwanted germs.

While finding the perfect pair of scrubs is important, taking care of them will make sure they stay in good shape to support your busy lifestyle! Check out our selection of luxurious and affordable scrubs at www.blueskyscrubs.com.