3 Tips For Easily Ridding Your Scrubs Of Stains

Stains are practically inevitable on your clothes, especially when it comes to scrubs. But that doesn’t mean they should stay on your scrubs forever. That’s why here at Blue Sky Scrubs, since we care about our medical professionals, we’ve put together a short guide on how to easily tackle any stains you may encounter and keep your scrubs looking fresh and clean. Let’s dive right in.

Wash Your Scrubs Quickly

First of all, if you get a stain on your medical scrub and you have the opportunity, wash them immediately! This gives you the upper hand when it comes to removing the stain. The sooner you get to wash your scrubs, the better chance you have of thoroughly removing the stain.

Eliminate Stains With Peroxide

If the stain in question is a blood stain, always keep hydrogen peroxide on hand. It should be easy to find around any medical facility! Hydrogen peroxide does wonders when it comes to removing blood stains from scrubs clothing. Rinse with cool water and you should be good to go. So keep some in your locker, or use it when you get home from work. Check out our blog

Carry Around A Stain Stick

The next helpful tip we have for you is to keep a stain removal stick near or, or on you in one of your pockets. Stain removal sticks can be easily found at most grocery stores or department stores. Keep one in your pocket or your locker for emergency stain situations! They work really well for preventing a spill from becoming a stain until you can get home and properly wash your scrubs.

We hope these tips come in handy in your daily fight against stains. To see the most breathable, comfortable and movable scrubs available made from only the finest fabrics, come visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.