3 Tips for Choosing the Right Lab Coat with your Medical Scrubs

From the moment you put on your first white coat, you’re hooked. No matter how long you’ve been working in the medical industry, you probably remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of your career, after all, how could you not? We also carry a full line of scrubs

But, that first lab coat is only going to get you so far. Even more so, you might want to protect it just because it’s your first one! We don’t blame you, we’d probably do the same thing. So, where do you go to buy another one? Or two, or three? With summer in full swing, you might be focusing more on swimsuits and flip flops than your work wardrobe, but don’t just toss it aside! It might be time to invest in a new lab coat and we’ve got the perfect tips for you before you start shopping.

Don’t Settle

Find a lab coat that’s attractive, comfortable, and makes you feel proud each and every day. Think of your lab coat as your medical “suit.” It’s one of the most important and professional pieces of clothing you’ll wear during your career. Prioritize the fabric, the fit, and most of all -- the longevity. We’re not saying buy the most expensive lab coat you can find, but don’t settle for something cheap just because of its price tag.

Get the Perfect Fit

Not every lab coat is going to fit your body perfectly, because not every body is the same -- right? Finding a company who can help you best fit your lab coat to your body type is going to ensure that you’ll have long-lasting comfort for years to come.

Take Proper Care of Your Coat

Once you find the perfect coat with the perfect fit, the next step is taking the perfect care so you can be sure to enjoy your new coat for the next several years. Check out some of our other blogs to read about proper care and storage! Designed in Austin, Texas.