3 Scrub Fits for Women: Classic, Stretch, Slim

Ladies, have we got the scoop on scrubs- and it’s just for you! We have three different styles of scrubwear for women, and we’re equally as excited about all of them! Read on below to find out which style suits you best, and find out what separates Blue Sky Co. from all the rest! Are you ready?

Classic Shelby Scrubs

Our Shelby scrubs are tailored with an hourglass shape, but feature a classic fit. They have beautiful white designer stitching around the front pocket, and- speaking of pockets, they also have two lower utility pockets on the pants! That’s plenty of space to hold your everyday gadgets and gizmos. You’re bound to feel comfortable and at ease throughout the work day, sporting these classic scrubs.

Stretchy Technical Scrubs

Everyone’s excited about our new addition to scrubwear. These scrubs will revolutionize your work wardrobe! They’re brand new, stretchy and comfortable just for you. What’s different about these new scrubs? They’re ridiculously comfy, moisture wicking, and antimicrobial. Their soft fabrics are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. These scrubs are so stylish you’ll definitely want to wear them after work!

Grey Label Scrubs

If you’re in need of a slimmer fit, these scrubs are perfect for you. Tailored with a slim fit, our grey label scrubs are made of lightweight fabric and have a sleek, professional finish. They’re made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton- and they won’t shrink. They’re comfortable, professional, and easy to care for. Just wash in cold water only, and tumble dry on the low setting! They’ll stay vibrant- just like you.

Go with Blue Sky Co. and you won’t regret it. Our products are superior in how they feel, fit, and suit your style! Log onto our website today and view the collection- you’re bound to find precisely what you need.