3 Reasons You Need Pockets on Your Scrubs

You may not think that something as simple as a pocket could drastically change your day, but when you work in the medical field - they really can.

  1. Additional Convenient Storage

There are numerous things you probably carry with you throughout the day. From medical tools, gauze pads, alcohol swabs, to pens and notepads - it’s a lot! The more pockets you have on your scrubs, the more storage you have (and there’s no doubt about how convenient it’s placement is). When you’re looking for your scrubs, you can choose to have anywhere from one to four pockets.

  1. Patch Pockets to Keep Your Belongings Close By

There are different types of pockets, but patch pockets will keep your belongings close by. Some scrubs even come with a pocket specifically for your cell phone - so you won’t ever have to worry about leaving it behind. Mobile phones have become a necessary part of the work uniform for hospital staff because of the nature of the business. Staff needs to be reachable at all times - having a patch pocket for your cell phone is certainly ideal.

  1. Always Be Prepared

The best thing about having more pockets - the more prepared you are! Pockets on scrubs are incredibly functional and allow you to keep track of additional materials and tools. As medical personnel, you have to be prepared for all kinds of situations throughout your workday, right? The simplest answer can fix that problem; find scrubs with additional pockets!

Taking Care of Your Scrubs

Have you ever worried about a pen leaking in your scrub pockets? It’s a common fear - and not just when it comes to medical scrubs. Scrubs are easy to clean as long as they’re regularly cared for. Don’t hesitate to ask us here at Blue Sky Scrubs if you have any questions! We also sell the finest scrub hats in the world