3 of Our Finest Accessories For Women

Here at Blue Sky, we do everything we can to be the one-stop-shop for medical professionals. From comfortable, modern scrubs to lab coats and masks, we have it all! But beyond the essentials for a scrub outfit, we also have tons of great accessories. Here are a few of our finest accessories for women.


Our stylish hats go great not only with our scrubs, but with casual wear outside of the workplace too! Even if you’re not usually a hat wearer, why not check them out anyway? They’re an excellent add-on to most outfits. All of our hats are made with a 100% polyester front and 100% nylon mesh back, and one size fits all! Be sure to take your time when looking through them, because we have seven unique styles of hats on the website, and each one comes in a variety of colors!


Blue Sky scrubs look great, and you might already have a scrub outfit you love, but adding a scarf on top could be what your outfit needs to take it to the next level. Or maybe you work in a chilly hospital, and having a scarf might be that perfect addition to your outfit to help you stay warm and comfy at work. We have three unique scarf patterns for you to check out; The Camilla, The Logan and The Skylar. Match them with your favorite scrub outfit for the perfect look.

Compression Socks

These super-soft, knit compression socks are the perfect thing for your leg comfort at a long shift. These scrubs socks are nice and snug at the ankle but less and less compression applies as they go up your calf to your knee. Besides being comfortable, they also look great and we have them available in all kinds of unique styles and colors! To check them out today, or any of the other items mentioned here, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.