3 Occasions to Break Out Your Scrubs Besides Work

Blue Sky Co. likes to say that our scrubs are so luxurious, you’ll want to wear them outside of work, and we truly believe it! There are tons of uses for medical attire outside of medical and laboratory settings; you just have to get a little creative! Let’s discuss three different occasions in which you can break out your scrubs!

Washing the Pets

Sometimes when we bathe our pets, whether it be a cat or a dog, we’re left a little wet (or a lot wet). It typically depends on how our pet behaves in or around the water! But medical scrubs were made to protect your street clothes from spills- including liquids. They’ll help keep you dry and comfortable as you bathe your pet.


Have you heard of Blue Sky’s line of flexible and stretchy Technical scrubs? They’re practically a blend of activewear and scrubwear. Try out a pair of these scrubs while you’re exercising! They’re moisture wicking, so they’re perfect for your workouts.

Cleaning Sprees

Washing the dishes can also leave you partially wet, but you can avoid this (and all of that irritability) by wearing a retired pair of scrubs on cleaning day. Just like at work, your scrubs will serve as a protective barrier between you and cleaning chemicals and messes- whether it be soap scum or kitchen gunk!

If you’ve recently had to retire a pair (or a few) of scrubs, and are on the lookout for a new pair, check out Blue Sky scrubs! They were made to last you a long time, to be durable, and most importantly- they were made perfectly for you! You can customize them until they fit you perfectly! So log on today to our website, and view our collection of luxurious medical attire! You’ll fall in love instantly.