3 Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Scrubs Vibrant

When you order your scrubwear and accessories from Blue Sky Co., you know you’re getting the highest quality, longest-lasting medical wear available. But even when you have the best of the best, colors on your scrubs can fade over time after several times through the washer and dryer. So we’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping those scrubs vibrant and colorful for years to come!

Pre-Washing Scrubs

To avoid your scrubs fading and losing the bright colors that make them look so great, pre-wash any new scrubs you buy as soon as you get them. Throw the scrubwear in the washer with one or two cups of white cleaning vinegar and fill the tub full with plenty of water.

Avoid Machine Dryer

After your clothes get out of the washer, where do you usually put them? Like most people, you probably use a machine dryer. These machines have really spoiled us by providing an easy, quick way to dry our clothes, including your medical scrubs. But the speed and convenience of these machines comes with a sacrifice. The heat and abrasion from the clothes rubbing together in the machine can actually cause quicker fading and discoloration in your scrubs. We recommend finding an alternative to machine drying when it comes to keeping your scrubs in good shape. The best method is line drying.

The Simplicity Of Line Drying

Despite what you may have heard, line drying can actually be really easy! All you need is an area with enough open space (And preferably with some sunlight) to hang up a clothesline. Line drying will allow your clothes to evenly dry without fading in color!

We hope that these tips have been helpful in the struggle to keep your medical scrubs looking great. To view all of the vibrant scrubwear that we offer, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.