3 Fantastically Comfortable Styles of Scrub Tops For Women

If you’re a medical professional and you’re searching for that perfect set of scrubs to keep you comfortable at work, Blue Sky Co. is the perfect place to look. We make it our top priority to keep medical professionals like you as comfortable as possible with scrubwear made from only the finest fabrics available, and we make sure they look great too! With a collection as massive as ours, there’s no way we can cover it all in just one blog, so let’s just take a look at a few different options of scrubs that we have available for women.

The Classics

For an excellent look and feel that never gets old, come check out what we have available in Blue Sky Classic scrubs for women. We’ve got three classics to choose from: Shelby Scrubs, Simple Scrubs and Custom Scrubs. The Shelby is where we first started, and these scrubs are still just as good today as they were back then! They come in a whopping 24 different color options! But sometimes less is more, and if you feel that way, our Simple Scrubs are perfect for you! This comfortable polyester/cotton blend is refined and professional. Then finally for our classics, we have Custom Scrubs. If you don’t quite find what you’re looking for with any other options, you can design your own with Custom Scrubs!

Emerson and Riley Technical Stretch Scrubs

Technical Scrubs are excellent for anyone who’s very active at work, or if you’re going to hit the gym for a workout. These scrubs are extra stretchy, soft and sweat-wicking. For Women’s Technical Scrubs we have the Emerson Technical Scrub Top and the Riley Technical Pants.

Limited Edition Scrubs

And finally, we have our limited edition scrubs for women. If you want these navy Shelby Scrubs with ceil blue stitching- you’ll have to act fast! They won’t be here forever! These gorgeous scrubs have the same comfortable fabrics as the Shelby Scrubs, but with the navy color and ceil blue stitching, they can’t get any cuter! Come get our limited edition scrubs today, or any of the other scrubs mentioned here by visiting the Blue Sky Co. website.