3 Facts About Our Pockets that You Should Know

Yes, there are secrets to our pockets here at Blue Sky Co.! And when you think about it, pockets are really important! They secure our personal items, but still keep them accessible- just out of our way while we work. Read on to find out more about Blue Sky Co..’s pockets on our medical attire! We know you’ll be excited about the amount of pocket space we have to offer!

Secret Inner Pocket

Did you know that Blue Sky scrubs have a secret inner pocket? It’s true! This pocket is best for holding important items such as rings and other jewelry, or a house key. And no one can tell! Choose Blue Sky scrubs- if only for the secret pockets!

Signature Stitching

Our pockets are outlined in beautiful white designer stitching. It’s a staple of ours, a statement. And it looks great against all of our scrub colors, from normal Navy Blue to bright and vibrant Seraphina Strawberry! You’ll love the white designer stitching as much as do; we’re certain of it!

Plethora of Pockets

At Blue Sky Co. you can have a plethora of pockets! You can always add on items to increase your amount of pockets. Vests and jackets, for instance, have many pockets, some even zippered! Lab coats give you two extra utility pockets as well. Layer your medical attire so that you can have more pockets! You can’t go wrong with more pocket space.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we really care about our customers and want their scrub order to be absolutely perfect. We let you customize features such as pocket placement and design, top length, size, and color! Whatever it is that you need out of your scrubs, we can make it happen. So don’t hesitate; order from Blue Sky Co. today and you won’t be left with any regrets!