3 Common Scrub Stains and How to Treat Them

At Blue Sky Co., we’re not just about scrubs; we’re all about how to treat them properly, too. Why? Because we want your medical wardrobe to last you as long as possible! Treating your scrubs well means knowing the ins and outs of stain removal. So below we’ve laid out three common scrub stains, and how to remove them!

Blood Stains

Somewhere along your medical career, you’re bound to encounter blood stains. Probably more frequently than you’d prefer! But don’t worry; we can help tackle those stains and get your scrubs looking like brand new again. Most fresh blood stains can be rinsed with cool water and rubbed with soap. Hydrogen peroxide, as well, will take the stain right out!

Sweat Stains

Don’t sweat it! We can remove those unsightly yellow stains with ease. To start, for twenty minutes, soak your scrubs in a solution of vinegar with two cups of warm water. Of course, you’ll likely have to do this at home. Next, create a paste with a mixture of baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Let the paste sit for about twenty minutes, and then launder your scrubs as you normally would!

Food Stains

Ah, how many times have you been in a rush and spilled food on your scrubs? For this one, we recommend keeping a stain removal stick in your locker; they’re perfect for tricky situations! Of course, if you can, tackle the stain as quickly as possible, change into a fresh set of scrubs, and launder your scrubs as normal once you’re home!

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