The Evolution Of Scrub Hats -- From blue sky scrubs

Today's nursing uniforms or nursing caps represent the culmination of a long evolutionary history. Today, medical television dramas have firmly planted the image of the modern scrub cap in most people's minds. However, these on-the-job clothing accessories have seen a long history of change. Over the centuries, many types of headwear have seen use in the medical workplace.

Historically, the image of Florence Nightingale and the hats worn as part of the original nursing uniforms were the most common images associated with the garment. Nightingale founded the first nursing school in London in the 1800's and the nurse uniform was a ceremonial garment designed to signify completion of the school's requirements and the nursing students entry into the profession. In addition, the hats signified the rank of the nurse with different colored headbands.

Ever-Changing Designs

The passing years would see many changes in the prevailing styles of nursing caps. Following on the heels of Nightengale's original designs, future offerings would include hats that began to cover most of the nurse's head and hair in an early effort to promote a sanitary design. These caps were much smaller in design and promoted functionality over the formal caps designs to reflect rank and femininity. In addition, these were the first caps to be mass produced, an interesting, nurses prior to this era in the early-to-mid 20th century were required to fashion there on nursing hats.

The passing decades saw men began to enter the nursing profession -- a trend which began to radically change the feminine image associated with the nursing cap. Clearly, men were not enthused about the idea of wearing a woman's cap. As a result, most men in the nursing profession were not required to wear nursing caps at all. And in time, caps were phased out for the profession as a whole. It was during this era that nurse uniforms as a whole began to take on a more uni-sex approach as manufacturers sought to meet the changing dynamics of the industry.

Enter The Modern Scrub Cap

In the early 70's, designs for modern scrub hats began to appear in surgery rooms and medical offices every where. The caps were designed of a uniform green or blue color to lessen eye strain in the OR or ER. And they were designed primary with functionality in mind. The caps were easy to clean, covered most of the nurse's head for sanitary reasons and were largely disposable.

In recent decades, traditional designs have given way to increasing styles and options to meet the demands of the market. For instance, women's scrub caps now come in designs to meet different hair styles. blue sky scrubs is a leading supplier of scrub caps and is an example of this trend in action. The company offers caps for women with longer hair and in more fitted styles for women with these requirements.

In addition to fit, today's medical scrub caps also come in a wide array of print options to reflect individual styles and personalities. Customers can choose from floral patterns, patterns to reflect the season, artistic interests, and lifestyle options. As the medical profession as a whole continues to grow, no doubt the choices will become even more diverse.

The medical profession is in constant flux, and medical scrub cap is a reflection of the industry's dynamic nature. For a look at the latest styles and trends in scrub caps and hats, visit for a look at the latest designs in the industry.