How to Find the Perfect Scrub Pants

Pants are often the trickiest part of any outfit to buy. Finding the perfect size often seems impossible because a couple washes later, they’re an entirely different size.

If you’ve found pants (especially scrub pants) that are comfortable and able to endure hundreds of washes - you’ve certainly found yourself some top-notch scrubs.

Fitting Perfect Pants

Finding the ideal fit with any clothing article seems nearly impossible. After all, what exactly is the “perfect” or “ideal” fit? How do you know?

We know - and once you’ve found it, you’ll definitely know.

In order to select the right pants with Blue Sky Scrubs, however, simply know your measurements. The rest is a piece of cake from there!

Maintaining the Ideal Fit

Now, just because you’ve found such an incredible fit does not mean that it will stay that way - well, in the case of improper care or cheap fabric. So, let’s go over some quick care tips for your new favorite scrubs!

No matter what fabric you’re dealing with, be sure to thoroughly read the tag and care instructions. Each fabric needs to be handled differently when it comes to washing, drying, and any other general cleaning. Otherwise, you could end up with pants that become high waters or worse -- don’t even fit at all!

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Also -- don’t forget that we have scrub tops, hats, lanyards, and other accessories to go with your scrub pants. If you’re looking to add to your collection throughout the holidays, now is the perfect time.