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Choose Your Favorite Men's Baselayer

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It’s time to bundle up, fellas. Fortunately, we have the best options available to you; we have four great baselayers for men that we want you to try on! We think it’ll be the perfect accessory to your outfit, and it will absolutely complete your medical wardrobe! Let’s explore the collection and see what we find, shall we?

Hudson Long Sleeved Tee

The Hudson Long Sleeved Tee is a great place to start. This tee really does take your outfit up a notch, and it’ll keep you plenty warm in the hospital and outside, while you’re walking to and from your car. It’s available in three different colors, is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial! It’s so soft and stretchy; we know you’ll love it.

Hayden Baselayer

This baselayer is perfect for work, and for working out. It plays double duty! Layer it underneath your scrubs during work, the toss away your scrub top after work and head to the gym! You’ll be as comfortable as ever. This baselayer has moisture-management fabric and is sweat-wicking. It’ll keep you warm- but not too warm.

Hampton Cotton Polo

The Hampton Cotton Polo is a great staple for anyone’s wardrobe. Available in a professional Jet Black, and White, this polo feels great paired with a pair of our Blue Sky scrub pants! Or you could layer it underneath your scrub top for some added warmth.

Henley Stretch Polo

Lastly, there’s the Henley Stretch Polo. Also available in Jet Black and White, it’s made out of the finest fabric blend we could come up with; it’s 95% cotton and 5% Spandex Pique Knit. You’ll want one of these and maybe an extra; you never know when you might need something reliable!

Find these baselayers and far more when you go shopping online at Blue Sky Co.! You’ll love what we have to offer, and likely have so much fun shopping

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