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What's Different About Blue Sky's Lab Coats?

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Alas, you’ve purchased a new lab coat from Blue Sky Co., and you’re wondering what separates it from all of the rest of the lab coats out there. There are dozens upon dozens of different brands to choose from. So why go with Blue Sky Co.? Well, we’ll tell you why! Our lab coats repel and release stains, are comfortable and trendy, and offer plenty of space for your personal items. Keep reading to find out more! There’s a lot to learn!

Teflon Protection Technology

Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats come complete with Teflon Protection Technology, which repels and releases stains! So our coats are easier than ever to care for. This is especially helpful since accidents and spills happen around the clock, and sometimes we can’t get to a stain right away!

Comfort and Style

Just like with our scrubs, we make an effort to create lab coats that are both comfortable to wear, and stylish to wear to work. We think we’ve definitely achieved this with our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats. These elegant lab coats have cutting-edge design and look great over any set of Blue Sky scrubs.

Plenty of Pockets

If you work in the medical industry, you know how important it is to have plenty of pocket space for all of your gadgets and gizmos! Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats have one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets. Not to mention, Blue Sky scrubs often have at least one chest utility pocket with a secret pocket on the inside!

Look to Blue Sky Co. for the most modern, stylish, yet professional scrubwear out there! You’ll be amazed at our collection, as it stands apart from all the rest! ̧Our lab coats come in first when it comes to style and elegance, performance and movement. 

Bundle Up in Blue Sky Scrubs

It’s getting plenty cold out there this time of year! Why not bundle up in a jacket or vest from Blue Sky Co.? It’s your best bet for staying warm at work (and on the walk in…) this season! So sit back, cuddle up in a warm blanket, and let us tell you all about [...]

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New Year, New Patterns-Blue Sky Uniforms

A new year is just around the corner! So it’s time to gear up in new scrubs and accessories! Let’s choose a few scrub cap patterns to spice up your wardrobe with, and show off some of that great personality that you have! Blue Sky Co. has men’s scrub caps, disposable caps, and our ladies’ scrub [...]

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When to Replace Your Scrubs

So you’ve had your scrubs for a while now, and think maybe it’s time to replace them with a newer pair of Blue Sky scrubs. Fair enough! We’re excited for you. Here’s when you should definitely replace your scrubs: When They’re TornNo matter the size of the rip, if your scrubs are torn, it’s [...]

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Medical Scrubs That Are More Than Just Medical Scrubs

Our goal from the beginning with Blue Sky Scrubs has been to provide medical professionals and facilities with high-quality, comfortable, and fashion-forward medical uniforms. We all understand the struggle of wearing a work uniform that has never been, and never will be most of these things- they fall apart more often than not, they’re far [...]

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David Scrubs and Scrub Caps for Men

Have you seen our David scrubs, perfectly fit for you with an easy, crisp design? Or what about our scrub caps for men, fit with patterns that you’ll certainly love? Whether you have or haven’t, we’re about to give you the scoop on both!David Scrubs: Made For YouYou’ve never worn scrubwear like this before. Our [...]

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5 Tips for Nursing School Students

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Do You Know About Our Shelby Scrubs?

If you’ve yet to have the pleasure of wearing our luxurious Shelby scrubs, you’re certainly missing out! These are the most stylish, colorful, and durable scrubs on the market, and we’d love to show them off to you. Let us begin by highlighting their best features, and showing off a few of our favorite colors!Classic [...]

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3 ways to remove blood from your blue sky scrubs

It’s awful when our scrubs are stained during the work day, and there’s little time to treat the stain! You may be better off taking your scrubs home to wash them. Blood stains, at least, should be tackled as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our three favorite ways to remove [...]

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Get Ready to Celebrate the Season with Blue Sky Stretch Scrubs

It’s that time of year again… Time to prepare for the holidays! They’re just around the corner, you know(and yes, already)! And as always, Blue Sky Co. can’t call them holidays without celebrating with scrubs- that is, wearing festive colors and decorated scrub caps! Below you’ll find some colors and patterns to brighten up the [...]

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