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Explaining The Magic Of Odor Resistant Scrubs

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Anyone who works long shifts at a physically demanding job will work up a sweat, and that means bad odors on your clothes. For medical professionals, bad-smelling scrubs are just another part of the job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Blue Sky scrubs are made with special odor resistant technology that helps them stay fresher for much longer! Let’s discuss our odor resistant technology and what makes it so beneficial. comfy medleisure scrub fabrics

Odor Resistance

So you might be wondering, how exactly do we help keep your scrubs fresher and cleaner throughout your entire shift? Well, simply put, we infuse the fabrics of our scrubwear with powerful odor-resistant technology that repels and releases all stains! This technology allows you to feel great, look great and of course smell great all throughout your shift! For a more specific example, here’s some of our scrubs that use our special odor resistant technology: Technical Scrubs.Come check it out today by visiting the Blue Sky website

Blue Sky Technical Scrubs

The Blue Sky Technical scrubs are like nothing else, from their luxurious, comfortable feel to their odor-resistant fabrics. They’re the closest scrubs you’ll find to athleticwear, making them great for everything from work to the gym to lounging around at home and watching TV. They’re made with a perfect blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, making them super comfy and soft, and stretchy enough for all your activities. And of course, they come with odor resistant technology that repels and releases all stains! We know you’ll fall in love with the technical scrubs as soon as you put them on! And we’ve got plenty of unique color options for both men and women’s scrubs!same great fabric as many other Blue Sky scrubs

To help meet all of your medical scrub needs, and find base layers, lab coats, accessories and more, come check out our full collection on the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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