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Caps, Coats, and Other Medical Scrub Accessories from Blue Sky Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we have far more to offer than just medical scrubs! We also offer scrub caps, labcoats, lanyards, and even matching earrings! Let’s take a quick look at all of the great accessories that Blue Sky Co. has to offer you!

Scrub Caps and Beautiful Patterns

Aside from men’s scrub caps and disposable scrub caps, we also have our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony caps for women! Each was designed for a particular hairstyle; the poppy, for any style and hair length, the Pony, perfect for securing your ponytail in place, and the pixie scrub cap is great for short hair!

Softshell Vests and Jackets

Having trouble staying warm in the workplace? What about on your walk into work? Our softshell vests and jackets are great for bundling up! They’re layered with microfiber fleece, and are weather-resistant! The best part is, we have plenty of styles to choose from!

Stylish, Shining Lanyards

If you need a lanyard to hold your nametag or keys, Blue Sky Co. has you covered. Our luxurious lanyards are available in dozens of designs; you’ll have a difficult time choosing which one is suitable for you!

Matching Earrings

What’s better than a stylish Blue Sky lanyard? A pair of matching earrings to go with! That’s right; we have earrings to match each of our lanyards. You’ll look as stylish as ever in our lanyard and earring sets.

Bright White Lab Coats

Looking for a new lab coat, or maybe to purchase a spare (that’s always a good idea!)? Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats are perfect for you. They’re definitely designed with you in mind, and have Teflon Protection Technology that repels and releases stains! For the perfect set of stretch scrubs visit our store. 

Blue Sky Co. is proud to showcase the world’s finest medical attire! Log on today to view the entire collection! We’re sure you’ll either find something to love, or everything you need. 

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