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3 Tips to Keep Your Scrubs Feeling Fresh

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How do you keep your scrubs feeling fresh all shift long? Well, with a little TLC, of course! Let’s go over how to properly care for your medical attire in such a way that keeps your scrubs feeling fresh and clean!

Wash Thoroughly with Extra Water

When you wash your medical scrubs, it helps to add extra water to the load to give them space to move around and rinse clean. For sanitization purposes, you can add ½ Cup of white vinegar to the load! They’ll come out feeling and smelling as fresh and clean as ever.

Line Dry or Dry in Dryer

Whichever method you choose, make sure you dry your scrubs right after they’re done washing. No one likes the scent of sour scrubs! Line drying your scrubs is the prefered method, as it keeps them from fading, cuts down on abrasion, and protects your clothing from intense heat. However, drying your scrubs in the dryer allows you to use fabric softener, which can fade your scrubs but also make them super comfortable and flexible.

Treat Stains and Spills

Finally, to keep your scrubs looking fresh and clean, treat spills and stains immediately! The faster you get to those stains, the quicker you can remove them, and the easier they’ll come out. You’re far more likely to successfully remove a stain if you treat it quickly rather than if you accidentally let it sit.

It helps to start with quality scrubs! Blue Sky Co. creates medical scrubs that not only are fade-resistant and wrinkle free, but are also (in some of our items) able to repel and release stains! Our scrubs also have odor-resistant technology built into them, so they’ll smell great on you, too! And they’ll feel fresh far longer than other brands.

So go ahead; check out our collection of medical scrubs, and find exactly what you’re looking for at Blue Sky Co.! 

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