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Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky

With every purchase, blue sky scrubs will send a free hat to a cancer patient or to the purchasing customer. People in medicine have a passion for caring for others and this is an extension of that giving. Project Blue Sky is our way of harnessing the power of our customers and extending that giving to those currently facing tough medical challenges. A big fear for cancer patients is losing all of their hair. Our blue sky scrub hats offer a way to cover hair loss with a cheerful and sophisticated look. Our hats are fun and they make people feel good. When patients receive our beautiful package, it makes them smile. Our mission is to make the millions of people who are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States happy and smile.

Why cancer patients?

  • Over 12 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer every year.
  • Many will undergo rigorous treatment including chemotherapy. Patients tend to fear losing their hair the most, as it is an outward sign to the world that they are sick.
  • Providing scrub hats to cancer patients promotes giving and provides support to those struggling with this disease.
  • blue sky scrub hats offer a way to cover hair loss with a cheerful and sophisticated hat that is a departure from what is currently available to these patients.

Join blue sky scrubs and Project Blue Sky in our efforts to provide a small ray of light those striving to beat this disease.

Our word is spreading. The best thing about this project is the people it attracts. Here is one of our favorite examples of a motivational story: "After undergoing chemotherapy at MD Anderson in Houston I finally got to wear a blue sky scrubs hat. I feel so much better now. This is a big ego booster. "

With help from others, was launched. In a few short months, blue sky scrubs attracted customers from all 50 states and many countries from around the world by helping people with cancer smile.

It's simple. Wearing blue sky scrubs represents something different. You are providing a smile for someone in need.

To see an abbreviated list of nonprofit organizations that have been recipients of our donations, click here.