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How to Put on the Pony Scrub Hat

How to Put On the Pony Scrub Hat

Anybody that can create a ponytail, no matter how small, can easily wear these Pony scrub hats (US Patent Nos. 7,437,777 and D572,879). Play the video below to discover how to get the best fit! The Pony scrub hat was designed to fit either over or behind your ears...the choice is up to you!

Step 1: Tie your hair in a low ponytail or bun. Cinch the ribbon tight to make a pouch and place the front of the hat on your forehead.

Step 2: Tuck your ponytail or bun into the pouch in the back of the hat.

Step 3: Grab the ends of the ribbons with both hands.

Step 4: Cross the ribbon ends UNDER your bun or ponytail.

Step 5: Pull the ribbons tight after crossing them under the pouch. This motion will create a snug fit.

Step 6: Bring the ends of the ribbons on top of your bun or ponytail and tie a bow.

Step 7: Pull the scrub hat down to fit snugly on your head and tuck any small pieces of hair still hanging out for the cleanest look.

No matter how much or how little hair you have, anyone can make the pony hat fit. In fact, it was originally invented to tame even the thickest hair. It just takes a little practice to perfect the look.

Email the blue sky scrubs team with questions if you are still struggling with the fit.