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How to Put On the Pixie Scrub Hat

The Pixie Scrub Hat (patent no. D547030) was created for women who cannot make a ponytail. These scrub hats are quite similar to the men's surgical scrub hats but are completely closed in the back to conceal all of your hair. Additionally, these scrub hats were created to offer a bit more room in the back so that hair could be tucked up underneath and held tight with a ribbon in the back.

Play the video below to find out how to put on your new Pixie Scrub Hat .

Step 1: Fold the edge of the pixie scrub hat up to the desired length.

Step 2: Place the hat on your head and tuck your hair into the back portion of the hat.

Step 3: Tie the ribbon in the back of the pixie hat to secure it to your head.

Step 4: Tuck any loose hair up into the hat.

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