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  • Leighton Floral Poppy Scrub Hat blue sky scrubs Leighton Floral blue sky scrubs Poppy Scrub Cap

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    Leighton Floral Pony Scrub Hat

Leighton Floral Poppy Scrub Hat

   Style# sko-1037

blue sky scrubs™ Style Guide

Leighton Floral Pattern Poppy Scrub Bouffant Hat

There are two ways to wear the Poppy Scrub Hat. The Poppy can be worn as either a classic bouffant or as a ponytail cap. The choice is yours! Please see the instructional videos on how to wear your new OR hat.

Product Care Information: Scrub Hats

All of our scrub hats are made from 100% cotton so that they can be easily washed in the washing machine with cold water and tumbled dry on low heat. However, for the absolute best care of the scrub hats, we suggest washing them by hand in cold water and allowing them to air dry.

Leighton Floral Poppy Scrub Hat

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