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Clearance Scrubs

Limited inventory available. Items are available at a reduced price until they are no longer in stock. Reduced price is valid only for the items that are in stock and available for purchase.

  • XS Womens Tall Shelby Scrub Pants

    Price: $37.00 $31.50
  • XXL Mens Long Simple Tops

    Price: $37.00 $31.50
  • XXL Mens Tall Simple Scrub Pants

    Price: $37.00 $31.50
  • XXS Black Shelby Scrub Tops with Colored Stitching

    Price: $33.00
  • XXS Womens Classic Length Urban Bottoms

    Price: $37.00 $30.75
  • XXS Womens Double Pocket Shelby Tops

    Price: $37.00 $31.50
  • XXS Womens Long Shelby Scrub Tops

    Price: $37.00 $31.50

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