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Keeping Warm in a Hospital Setting, Without Violating Dress Code

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Hospitals are well known for being cold, chilly environments. And as employees and not patients, we don’t have the luxury of receiving as many heated blankets as needed to keep warm and comfy. But in the chilly months of leftover-winter and Spring (Texas is infamous for late-season arctic blasts), we can still stay warm on the job, without violating our dress codes. Here are a few ideas from your friends at Blue Sky Co.!

  1. Undershirts

This one is a no-brainer, and possibly the most comfortable of all of our ideas here. Whether you choose to sport a three-quarter sleeved undershirt, a long-sleeved, or even short sleeved (sometimes even this extra layer is enough) Blue Sky has what you’re looking for. Try on our Windsor Long Sleeved Crewneck Tee, and see what you think (and feel)! Ladies, this tee will provide you with the perfect feminine silhouette, and should cling just enough to stay out of your way while you work.

2. Vests

You could also try something on the outside of your scrubs. Vests, since they’re sleeveless, are excellent at keeping out of your way while you’re running labs, transporting patients, filling out paperwork- whatever it is that you do best. Check out this Softshell vest from Blue Sky Co.- it even comes in a beautiful eggplant shade! Our vests also feature plenty of pocket space for all of your favorite and necessary tools!

3. Jackets

We hope that your workplace isn’t too chilly, but if so, or if you need a comfy layer of something while you’re recovering from a cold, Blue Sky Co. designs the perfect softshell jackets. Our jackets are form-flattering (so you’ll look as professional as ever) with a stand up collar, and micro fiber fleece on the inside!

We’ll help you stay warm this season. Just log on today and view our collection of undershirts, jackets, and vests- and decide what suits you best! 

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