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Biosense Webster Voucher

   Style# bioweb-vo-1sm60

Biosense Webster Employees who were present in Chandler, AZ during the week of January 25th-28th are eligible to receive a complimentary set of Women's Simple scrubs or Men's scrubs embroidered with the Biosense Webster and Carto3 logos. Limit one redemption per employee. Maximum amount allowed for complimentary scrubs including shipping, monogram, and taxes: $60.00. No cash value. This voucher is only good once regardless of the amount of your order. By uploading your voucher and checking the box below, you agree that you are (a) a current employee of Biosense Webster who is eligible to receive a free set of scrubs and (b) that this is the first and only order you have placed and will place for your free set of scrubs. Please note: Custom scrubs, Urban scrubs, Original scrubs, or other styles of scrubs that are not Simple scrubs or Men's scrubs are eligible to be purchased using this voucher, however, any amount over $60 is the responsibility of the employee submitting the voucher. Payment must be made at the time the order is placed. All orders will be verified and will not be shipped until verification is approved by Biosense Webster's corporate office.

Biosense Webster Voucher
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